Veranda Systems

A Veranda makes your house larger and your garden more attractive. You can enjoy the open-air every day of the year 24/7. Even in the heavy rain, you can enjoy the dryness on high ground. Having a breakfast in the weekend with your friends and family is one of the perks of having a veranda.

You don’t have to move the garden furniture inside because veranda protects them from any type of weather impact. The garden furniture stays dry for the whole year.

We manufacture verandas, made of aluminum, in accordance with the quality standards of Netherlands and Germany. Thus, verandas are safe and sound in all circumstances. High quality paints are used on aluminum which don’t require any maintenance. Polycarbonate or safety (tempered) glass can be used as roofing for the veranda. Additionally, there are options to customize the veranda with such as lightning and heating systems.